The polaroid diary started when I got a cheap and simple polaroid camera and set up the simple framework that I would take at least one polaroid per day as a trace of my existence, not matter how pedestrian and mundane. An interesting thing that reveals itself to me all these years later are what was important to me and who I loved. There are interestingly no boyfriends in here, but rather the people I actually shared most of my time with.

I had the rule that I couldn’t give anyone any of the polaroids, something that bothered people on several occasions because a lot of people liked the idea and wanted to keep a picture. I broke it only once when I was with my grandma and gave her a picture of her and her great grandson. The time frame is about 1997-1999, when I lived in Paris and then moved to New York. I seem to have stopped not long after I moved to New York.

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Andre and two of the sculpture majors at an opening, Paris.<br />
Bowl after eating broccoli, Paris.
Ardina, Parsons Paris.
My hip and hand in my apartment in Paris. I loved those radiators.
Ardina, Photo area, Parsons Paris.
Andre and I think Meghan, Parsons Paris.
Courtyard, Parsons Paris.
My bedframe, Paris.
Cat tail and bicycle wheel, Paris.
Drawing class, Parsons Paris. Anne Florence in the center.
Andre mixing dark room chemicals, Parsons Paris.
My bookshelf (I still have this book shelf in my room), Paris.
Hanna, at some bar, Paris.
Blue skies, Paris 15e.
Press Kiosk, Paris.
Karen, Art opening, Paris
Caes and Hanna, Photo lab, Parsons Paris.
I don’t remember her name, but she had the most sparkling energy. Parsons Paris.
Two Hannas and one Andre. Some art opening, Paris.
Leaves in the fall, Champs de Mars, Paris.
Hanna in Paris. I think this is the first polaroid I took.
Critique with Caes, Parsons Paris.
Cecilia at a house party, Paris.
Ophelia on my kitchen floor, Paris.
Water puddle, Paris.
My bathtub in Paris. Black and textured shower curtain.
Selfie, Paris. Near Ecole Militaire.
Selfie, Paris.
Mirror selfie, my apartment, Paris.
 French woman walking in Paris. Bruce, my drawing teacher pointed out in this photo that she must be french because of her shoes. I think about that all the time. You can’t even really see her shoes.
Taking a break, Parsons Paris.
Sculpture majors at Art opening, Paris.
Eduardo and Daisy at an art opening, Paris.
Someone’s hand. Maybe mine.
My apartment, Paris.
Jardin des Tuilieres, Paris.
Bathroom mirror selfie, my apartment, Paris.
Damaged image, probably my apartment in Paris.
Mom, Statue of Liberty, New York.
Midtown, New York.
Midtown, New York.
My sister, New York.
Mom and dad, New York.
My brother, sister and I at the statue of liberty, New York.
Gray skies, Rue de la Comete, Paris 7e.
Hanna, courtyard Parsons Paris.
My knee, in my pyjamas in the bathtub, Paris.
Train in Germany.
Andre, Parsons Paris.
Piff and Puff, Onsala.
My brother on holiday.
Me on holiday
My sister, Bloomingdale’s, New York.
My brother wearing my glasses, Onsala.
Winter in Onsala.
 Dad asleep at Christmas, Onsala.
Chocolates and Christmas candies, Onsala.
Dad on holiday. I love how happy he looks here.
Damaged polaroid, mirror selfie.
My brother brushing his teeth, Onsala.
Empty bowl.
Anne Florence and Carl, art opening, Paris.
Paris in the spring.
Hanna, Parsons Paris.
 Paris from the car.
John at Le Cafe, Paris.
My apartment, Paris.
John and Hanna. This was a big day. Paris.
Andre and Eduardo, Parsons Paris.
Hanna and Hanna on the beach in Normandy.
Hanna and Sali, Parsons Paris.
Hanna on the beach in Normandy.
Selfie, Parsons Paris.
Ophelia and my gold bike, my apartment, Paris.
Me in the car, Paris.
Me, my apartment, Paris.
Champs Elysees, Paris, in winter.
My bathroom, Paris.
Invalides, Paris. This makes me think of Pierre and his project he did when he visited me for six weeks.
Ophelia, at home, Paris.
Les Halles, Paris.
Sculpture studio, Parsons Paris.
A hotel TV.
Selfie by Le Brazza, Paris. Le Brazza was our local bistro at Parsons Paris. We spent endless amount of time there.
Japanese tourists, Champs de Mars, Paris. I probably photobombed them after taking this picture.
Eiffel tower from my car. My favorite picture of the Eiffel tower. Hanna and I were driving, I think on our way to Normandy.
Bright sun, Paris, Pont Alexandre III.
Hanna, Paris.
Ophelia, in my bathroom, Paris.
Me at a house party, Paris.
Dylan reading ingredients on some beauty product in my bed, Onsala.
Nina and Edouardo in the photo studio, Parsons Paris.
Hanna in her apartment, Paris.
Pont d’Alma, after Princess Diana died, Paris.
Cat toilet in the toilet, Paris.
The doors to the computer lab, Parsons Paris. On the other side of this door was the payphone where Andre asked the editor of Face magazine “who are you today” because he was really nervous. I was holding coins for him to not get disconnected during his call. He got the gig. Because he is that good.
Sali at the front desk, Parsons Paris.
Baby horse, Onsala.
Mom on the beach on holiday. I love how relaxed she looks here.
My apartment, Paris.
Sali and sculpture major at art opening, Paris.
Bathroom mirror selfie on holiday.
Selfie with my super cool headphones, Jardin du Luxembourg, Paris. I used to go for long walks listening to music on my discman, wearing these headphones.
Frozen branches, Onsala.
Sali and Bob, at a party in Paris.
Beach on holiday.
Paint rack and my little ponies, New York.
Dad on holiday, reading.
Selfie, Onsala.
Dad and christmas gifts, Onsala.
Christmas spread, Onsala. Why is there a Menorah? Did my parents know? Probably not.
The side of our house, Kullavik.
Driving, Halland.
Hanna and Cecilia (and Carl’s beer man) courtyard, Parsons Paris.
My door, Paris.
Andreas and Karl in Maria’s apartment, Goteborg.
Rukwiel, Onsala.
Winter, Onsala.
Horses in winter, Onsala.
My bookshelf, Paris.
Piff, Onsala.
Cecilia, at some party in Paris.
Dorothea, Parsons Paris.
My apartment, Paris.
Ophelia, my kitchen in Paris.
The light in my toilet, Paris.
Joanne, in the sculpture studio, Parsons Paris.
Gold bike, my apartment, Paris. View from the toilet.
Photo classroom, Parsons Paris.
My door, Paris.
Hanna in the computer lab, Parsons Paris.
Me in the photolab, Parsons Paris.
The beautiful Spanish boy everyone had a crush on, at an art opening, Paris.
Gray winter sky, Paris.
Fashion department, Parsons Paris.
Sculpture major, Parsons Paris.
Gray day in Paris.
Ardina and Hanna in the photolab, Parsons Paris.
Sunny Paris skies.
Box of chocolates, Onsala. Hanna loved this one and joked that when I am old I will have this on my wall and pretend to eat chocolate from it.
My bed frame and Jim Morrison poster, Paris.
Blue skies, Paris.
Andre, photlab, Parsons Paris.
Hot water tank in my apartment, Paris.
Ardina in the photolab, Parsons Paris.
Joanne and Yoko having lunch at the front desk, Parsons Paris.
Ophelia in my bathroom, Paris.
Ceiling light, my apartment, Paris.
Hanna and Margaret looking at one of my polaroids, Printmaking studio, Parsons Paris.
Sun, Paris.
The window in the printmaking studio Parsons Paris. When I had really bad period cramps I would go to this window because I could lean my sore belly on the warm radiator and put my head out the window at the same time and it made me feel better.